Is Ted Cruz Actually A Character From ‘The Office’? This Rally Troll Wants To Know

ted cruz the office kevin malone south carolina rally troll
Getty/Donnie Does on Instagram

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz frightens horror writer Stephen King, yet his most frightening contribution to the 24-hour news media cycle just exploded thanks to social media personality Donnie Does. Donnie — the same individual who became an internet sensation when he donned a pair of sunglasses, sat behind Donald Trump at a rally, and proceeded to troll the Republican front-runner on camera — attended a Cruz rally in South Carolina. Why? To ask a very important question about the would-be President of the United States who technically hails from Canada.

Was he, Senator Cruz, in fact the character known as “Kevin Malone” on the hit NBC comedy, The Office?

Malone, the accountant and resident pervert at Dunder Mifflin, was played by actor Brian Baumgartner. He and Cruz share an uncanny facial resemblance, and while the two men are obviously different people, Donnie’s very important question deserves an equally important answer.

Besides, since The Office went off the air in 2013, Baumgartner hasn’t been as busy as many of his former colleagues. Sure, he’s been featured in a few supporting television roles, and has even found time to play golf and drink beer. So who’s to say Mr. Malone isn’t currently working with the Cruz campaign in South Carolina, giving the junior Texas senator voice-acting lessons for his big debut?

(Via Donnie Does on Instagram)