Kevin From ‘The Office’ Played A Nice Round Of Beer Pong Golf

When you’ve got that Office cash regularly rolling in, you can pretty much do whatever you want. John Krasinski is working with Michael Bay on a #Benghazi movie, Rainn Wilson looked for lesbians in a shed, Creed Bratton is taking acid with groupies in the lighting section at Home Depot, probably.

Meanwhile, Brian Baumgartner is playing golf and getting drunk. The “Celebrities in Golf Carts” web series — which is like “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” but, well, you get it — hit the links with Kevin Malone for a round of beer pong golf. What is beer pong golf, you’re probably not asking? Well, according to host Mark Willard, “the first one to knock the chip into the pitcher three times is the winner.” The loser: Red solo cup time.

Imagine being on the golf course when this was filmed. “Say, isn’t that the guy from The Office? Y’know, the one who sang those Police songs, hitting golf balls into increasingly warm and disgusting pitchers of beer?” Anyway, spoiler, but Baumgartner lost, because he just wants to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs all day. With that syndication money, he can.