Jon Stewart Gives The Proper Reaction To Ted Cruz’s Audition For ‘The Simpsons’

When most of the Internet got a peek at Ted Cruz doing his best impressions of characters from The Simpsons on Tuesday, I’m fairly sure the reactions mirrored Jon Stewart’s in this clip from The Daily Show. It’s an odd, embarrassing watch that almost makes you feel bad for Cruz until you remember everything he’s done since he hit the public stage. Harry Shearer should make a b-line for 20th Century Fox if they even hint at giving Cruz a guest appearance. Sign that contract, Derek!

If you need to test your reaction against Stewart’s, the Buzzfeed clip is below in all of its glory. Or you could just make a wanking motion with your hand and go to sleep instead (after watching The Daily Show, of course).

(Via Comedy Central / Buzzfeed)