Andre Owens Was The First Of 19 Players Selected In The Second BIG3 Draft

04.13.18 1 year ago

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Andre Owens was the first pick of the 2018 BIG3 Draft. The two-hour draft took place on Thursday night, with the Brian Scalabrine-run Ball Hogs selecting the former 3’s Company player with the initial pick in the now-annual draft.

Owens was Allen Iverson’s first pick (second overall) in the inaugural draft last year and became a breakout star in the league’s first season. The league’s second-ever draft took place a day after the league’s combine, which was held in Santa Monica, California.

Owens joins Scalabrine, Josh Childress and Derrick Byars on the Ball Hogs roster, which got a lot bigger on Thursday night. The Ball Hogs had three picks in the draft, while a team like the 3-Headed Monsters had a single pick, 11th overall. More than 90 players were available for teams to fill 19 open spots on rosters for the 3-on-3 league, which heads into its second season this summer.

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