The Dime Staff Previews The 2019-20 Eastern Conference

The 2019-20 NBA season begins on Tuesday, and to get you ready for what has the potential to be a chaotic year, Dime’s staff came together for a series of roundtables to preview the campaign. Today, we take a look at the Eastern Conference, which boasts two of the best teams in the league and then a whole bunch of question marks.

Who is the best team in the Eastern Conference?

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Christian Rivas: The Bucks, although I’m not in love with their guard rotation. Then again, they basically have a 6’11 point guard, so does anything else really matter?

Nekias Duncan: The Sixers. Their starting lineup is absolutely ridiculous.

Sabreena Merchant: Bucks. They know exactly who they are, and no one can really prepare for Giannis during the regular season.

Konata Edwards: Milwaukee, and I’m not sure it’s close. Philly still has too many issues with perimeter shooting and guard play for me to trust them.

Chris Barnewall: I’ll take the Bucks. They have the depth to stay fresh through the tougher spots in the regular season that the Sixers will sleepwalk through.

Jamie Cooper: I’m going with the Sixers. They’re loaded, and Al Horford gives them a dimension they’ve never had with both his veteran leadership and versatility.