The AAU Referee Organization Ended Its Relationship With Adidas Because Of LaVar Ball

07.31.17 12 months ago

Getty Image

Unsurprisingly, LaVar Ball’s outspokenness and views about a woman’s place in the basketball world has created some controversy.

Angry after he and his son LaMelo Ball received a technical foul from a female referee at a recent adidas Uprising AAU tournament game, Ball ordered the tourney’s organizers to pull the official from the contest. Amazingly, the adidas organizers made the change at halftime, substituting a male referee in her place. Ball insisted afterwards that he was angry with the official because she was female but he also provided plenty of quotes that were contrary to his own claims.

Standing with their fellow officials, the National Basketball Referees Association condemned the actions of both Ball and the tournament’s organizers. Officials from the NBA weighing in on an AAU game is a big deal, and could also point to how Ball’s actions may affect his son, Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, once the season start. It also may give a glimpse at how NBA referees will deal with Ball if he becomes overly vocal during games.

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