Allen Iverson Wants Kobe And Shaq To Play With Him In The New 3-On-3 League

02.20.17 2 years ago

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Allen Iverson is one of a handful of ex-NBA players that will be part of Ice Cube’s BIG3, which is a 3-on-3 basketball league. Iverson was in New Orleans for All-Star weekend when he was asked about the league by TMZ and said there’s one player he wants on his team — Kobe Bryant.

I hope he would, but he ain’t gonna do nothing like that. That’d be a dream of mine … to play with him. My whole thing is, I want Shaq to play with me too. But it ain’t gonna go down like that. It’d be too easy. But I’m gonna do a whole lot of coaching instead of playing.

A quietly interesting part of that quote is the 41-year-old Iverson saying he plans to do more coaching than playing. Cube can’t be happy about that. Nobody is spending money to watch Iverson coach dudes. Iverson is the biggest name associated with the league and people are going to want to see him crush randoms at 3-on-3.

But since Iverson brought up coaching, he was asked if this meant he wanted to coach in the NBA someday. He said no. Why?

“Because I ain’t coaching no motherf***ers that make more money than me.”

And since nobody is probably getting paid more than Iverson in BIG3, it all works out.


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