Alonzo Mourning Couldn’t Help But Laugh After Meeting A Kid Who Doesn’t Know His Name

It’s probably not very often that Alonzo Mourning has to explain to someone who he is. The former two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and NBA Champion still remains a very public face of the Miami Heat organization, where he currently serves as Vice President of Player Personnel and a trusted confidant of Pat Riley. Still, at 46years old, ‘Zo is practically a dinosaur in kid years, which makes it no surprise that a child at a Heat charity event simply had no clue who the massive man he was playing Connect Four with was.

After a series of Connect Four plays that would surely drive Rajon Rondo mad, the kid asks ‘Zo if he played for the Heat. Mourning answers calmly while showing off his championship ring from 2006. After figuring out the kid was indeed born by then, the kid asks the $50,000 question: “What’s your name?”

Truth is, ‘Zo probably hasn’t been asked that question in a few decades, and that was just enough to make Mourning pause ever so briefly before smiling and telling the kid his name. Then, realizing he’d been bested by youthful naiveté, ‘Zo gave the one reply that he knew would break in his favor.

“Ask your mom and dad about me,” Mourning said before breaking into laughter.

It’s great, but honestly Mourning might have been better of going this route.