Anthony Edwards On Being Coached By Erik Spoelstra With Team USA: ‘I See What They Mean When They Say Heat Culture’

Anthony Edwards is spending this summer with USA Basketball at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup, which means Edwards is spending this summer around some of the best coaches in basketball. Team USA has put together a stellar staff of coaches for this tournament, as Steve Kerr is flanked on the bench by Mark Few, Tyronn Lue, and Erik Spoelstra.

One coach, in particular, has spoken incredibly highly of Edwards based on their time together this summer. Earlier this week, Spoelstra was asked what player on the roster most reminds him of Dwyane Wade, and while he stressed that he doesn’t like to make comparisons, Spoelstra said of Edwards “the way he moves, the way he competes, the way he electrifies a crowd, yes, that reminds me of number 3.”

As it turns out, Edwards has some pretty high praise for Spoelstra, as well. While meeting with the media after the team’s win over New Zealand on Saturday, Edwards said that being around Spoelstra gave him a glimpse at what it means to be in the revered culture of the Miami Heat.

“He’s been dope, man,” Edwards said of Spoelstra. “Bringing a lot of energy, the Heat Culture. It’s exciting to see. His first day with the scout, I was like, ok, I see what they mean when they say Heat Culture. He came in with a lot of energy, getting right to the point. So precise with the details. So, it’s dope.”

It is very cool to see the way USA Basketball brings guys from different teams — whether they be players or coaches — together like this. Edwards finished the team’s 99-72 win over New Zealand with 14 points and seven rebounds.