This Behind-The-Backboard Buzzer-Beater Must Be Seen To Be Believed

07.06.16 2 years ago

The Mornington Breakers and Pakenham Warriors are two basketball programs based out of the state of Victoria in Australia. For anybody in the United States to pay attention to the Mornington Breakers and the Pakenham Warriors, something crazy must have happened. That is indeed the case, because this game between the two sides featured one of the more bonkers buzzer-beaters that you are going to see in your entire life.

The Breakers came into the game undefeated, and the person filming the game is surrounded by Mornington fans. The Breakers make a basket with only a couple of seconds left in the game, which appears to be the shot that will seal a win. Their fans are happy. Then, well, it’s hard to truly put into words what happened at the end of this game.

You can say that a guy made a behind-the-backboard buzzer-beater. That is technically true. However, it does not capture the amazingness of what happened. It’s a completely ridiculous shot, and everybody reacts accordingly. Pakenham goes nuts. Mornington and their fans can’t understand what happened. Here’s the shot from another angle:

A half-court buzzer-beater is impressive and all, but there is something about this shot that really captures the fancy of basketball aficionados. For one day, we are all Pakenham Warriors fans.

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