Laura Dern Says She Saw Baby Yoda ‘At A Basketball Game’

For all the excitement surrounding the launch of Disney+, no one knew that Baby Yoda Mania was about to run wild all over the internet.

The breakout star of The Mandalorian has not been the titular bounty hunter, but instead the tiny green friend that has sparked a million memes. Baby Yoda is ubiquitous on Al Gore’s internet, as inescapable a meme as we’ve had in years and people simply can’t get enough. You can bet that Baby Yoda toys will be headed our way soon enough — that they weren’t prepared with Baby Yoda merchandise immediately is rather stunning, although part of their efforts to keep all things about the show secret — but until then, the little fellow will simply have to live in our hearts and minds and computer screens.

As the phenomenon grows, famous people in the entertainment industry are now being asked about Baby Yoda. This happened to Laura Dern at an event in New York on the red carpet and she then gave a very puzzling and mysterious answer about seeing Baby Yoda at a basketball game, leaving everyone — even somehow Dern — appearing confused.

Your guess on this one is as good as mine, was my best efforts to figure out how this would happen are: 1. She went to a basketball game and they showed a pic of Baby Yoda on the Jumbotron; 2. She is secretly extremely online and saw all the memes photoshopping player numbers onto the pic of Baby Yoda standing in its robes; 3. ESPN is going to have Baby Yoda in its Christmas Day promos and Dern is doing voiceover work for it for some reason. 4. Laura Dern decided to viciously roast Trae Young for some reason.

Whatever the case, this is bizarre, but Baby Yoda has arrived in the sports world at the very least in the way of many memes and photoshops, some of which have even been co-opted by team accounts.

They are all wonderful, but the “Who He Play For?” one is absolutely hysterical. Also this isn’t sports, but honorable mention to Guy Fieri Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda is inescapable and we must just accept that.