A Loving Tribute To Our Favorite Sports Vines Of All Time

After its introduction back in 2013, Vine made an immediate impact on social media. Now, with the announcement that the mobile video service will be shutting down, people are flooding the internet with tributes to the app.

It’s a sad day for comedians with a tight six seconds, as well as sports writers who love to mash up clips with Genuwine’s ‘Pony.’ As we here at Uproxx Sports represent a large portion of that second demographic, we decided to come together and lovingly reminisce over our favourite Vine moments. Here are the 22 sports Vines that will be endlessly looping in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Sand Surfing: The nicest sport of them all.

D’fwan told me Vernon Davis is the new spokesperson for the Yam Council. People do love the way he says “yams.”

We do, Kirk. We really, really do.

Back in 2014, Knicks owner James Dolan — with the help of Carmelo Anthony, Henrik Lundqvist, and a few more notable New York athletes — raised money for ALS by attempting to break the world record for most kazoos being played at once. The result was a lot of money raised for charity, and this helpful explanation of what a kazoo actually is.

Ball is life.

How do you pick just one ‘Pony’-sports clip mash-up? You watch this, and forget all other mash-ups existed.

Hahaha, children are f*cking terrible at basketball.

The Vine that launched a thousand parody shirts. Toronto really, really loves Joey Bats. He’s on our billboards, in the front window of almost every sports store window display, and even has his own pizza special (his favourite pizza is Hawaiian, for inquiring minds). For all the reasons he’s a super star in these parts, for Blue Jays fans this was Joey Bats’ Joe Carter home run moment.

Oh, so THIS is why more people don’t watch hockey. Thanks a lot, Darryl.


RIP Brandon Knight. He died how he lived, being eternally shut down by DeAndre Jordan.

Please like our sport.

Ahhh, the heady days of the WWE Superstar Randy Orton-inspired RKO meme. Where everything was out of nowhere, and everything hurt. While there are almost too many RKO videos to choose from, this will never not be funny.

Eh, screw it. Children getting murked by animals 4EVER

Boston College head coach Steve Addazio’s is obsessed with dudes, ultimate dudes, and guys being dudes, and for this we thank him. Is there a Heisman Trophy for Vines?

Cheerleading is hard. Cheerleading in a Krispy Kreme without causing property damage is even harder.

*unintelligible yelling intensifies*

Hear that? It’s the sound of a million people tweeting “it me” all at once.

Analysis is difficult and important.

An important study in Presidential handshakes.

Long live the LeBron James Kid. May he forever reign over us.

Is this the greatest sports Vine of all time? Yes. Yes it is. Way to go, Paul.

RIP in peace, Sports Vine. You’ll be missed.