Reggie Jackson Picked An Awkward Moment To Video Bomb Blake Griffin’s Walk-Off Interview

Fox Sports Detroit

The season has not gone according to plan thus far in Detroit, as the Pistons are currently two games back of the eighth spot in the East and have gone 7-13 in their last 20 games.

The good news is they picked up a road win on Wednesday over the Anthony Davis-less Pelicans to avoid falling further behind Charlotte in the standings. Blake Griffin went off for 37 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists in the win, but after the game, he wasn’t too pleased with the way the team plays down the stretch, in which they nearly coughed up the win in New Orleans.

Griffin was in the midst of lamenting the team’s lack of focus and saying that while he’s happy with the win, he wants to see them play better and more consistently, because otherwise this won’t be a repeatable result. At that moment, Reggie Jackson decided to video bomb the interview in an incredibly awkward scene that is a near perfect representation of the situation in Detroit right now.

It’s good to be happy with wins, because they are hard to get in the NBA and, for the Pistons, have been few and far between recently, but Griffin is sure to point out that they shouldn’t be satisfied. Poor Jackson is just trying to have fun in the moment, not realizing Griffin’s post-win interview has taken a bit of a turn to the negative and comes off looking terrible in the process.

Fixing the problem in Detroit is difficult because there’s not a clear solution, but Griffin is trying to send a message to his team here. We’ll see if that message gets received and acted upon.