Breaking News: Deron Williams Reportedly Has Agreement In Place With Team In Turkey

While many assume some role and bit players from the NBA will end up overseas during this lockout, will Deron Williams be the first real superstar to cross the ocean and take the plunge? There are reports he will.

NTV Spor in Turkey reports that Besiktas will bring Williams over this season, and give him an out clause should the lockout end.

This is the same club that signed Allen Iverson and BallinEurope is also reporting they will sign Atlanta’s Zaza Pachulia for next season.

The only problem with this? D-Will is still under contract. He’d have to gain clearance from the NBA or risk having his contract voided. In his position, without a clear future (will he stay with NJ? will he bolt?), why would he do this? Because of that, most are approaching these rumors with skepticism.

What do you think? Will D-Will actually play over there?

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