Brett Brown Has Been Impressed With The Time Ben Simmons Put Into His Jumper This Summer

Every NBA team invariably has a handful of questions they need to answer as they prepare for the regular season. For the Philadelphia 76ers, one question that has popped up each of the last few years is whether Ben Simmons has finally added a jump shot to his arsenal. Already an All-Star in the Eastern Conference and one of the league’s most unique talents, Simmons is not a threat to shoot the ball, and the belief is that if he adds a jumper to his game, he could enter the discussion for being one of the best basketball players on earth.

Is it really that cut and dry? It’s impossible to know for sure, but improving upon being a non-shooter would add an interesting wrinkle to Simmons’ game. And according to his head coach, the videos that have popped up of him working on his shot this summer are an accurate representation of Simmons’ effort to improve in that area.

Brown also plans on putting Simmons into positions where he could potentially stretch the floor.

While Simmons doesn’t need to be the next Steph Curry or anything, him being a threat to stretch the floor would be huge for Philadelphia. The team lost J.J. Redick in free agency, and while Tobias Harris is a good shooter, he struggled to get in a rhythm after he joined the Sixers via a trade for, among other players, the sharpshooting Landry Shamet. While capable shooters like Al Horford, Josh Richardson, and Mike Scott will assuredly shoulder more of that load than Simmons, the occasional triple would be a welcomed addition to his already dangerous game.