Britney Spears Flashed Her Sick Basketball Skills On The Court

03.08.17 1 year ago

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Britney Spears gets buckets.

That’s the main takeaway from the pop star’s video she posted to Twitter on Wednesday of her playing some basketball in what we assume is her backyard.

The first thing we see in the video is Spears making some shots, with a very interesting shooting form. Now, this isn’t anything near as bad as Diane Keaton in The Young Pope, but it is certainly not something you’d teach your children.

You always start with the base, so let’s first analyze the footwork on her shot. Her feet stay really close together and then she has this weird thing where instead of jumping she just locks her knees out at the release. All the elements of the jump shot you’d want from the waist down are there up until the point where you’d jump, and then she just gets on her toes and locks her knees.


Spears also has a little bit of a Shawn Marion action on the shot where she pushes it towards the basket rather than a traditional shot, but if it’s good enough for The Matrix then it’s good enough for Britney Spears. Not much has changed in the Spears shot since the first time she put her hoops skills on display on The Ellen Show years ago.

As the latest video goes on, we learn that Britney Spears is a true gunner, and is not a particularly good passer. She attempts a between the legs pass and on her first attempt bounces the ball into her own leg. The second effort is better, but it’s clear that Spears is a bucket-getter and not a bucket-giver.

She’s not an amazing basketball player, but she can shoot a little bit so be careful if you ever catch Britney on the court. In this video she might just celebrate making shots by throwing her arms in the air, but I could see her giving you a bucket and then yelling “it’s Britney, bitch” right in your face in the heat of a game and there’s no way to ever live that down.

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