Brook Lopez Faked A Scared Shriek After Kenyon Martin Jr. Dunked On The Bucks

There’s not much to be afraid of with the Rockets these days, but Brook Lopez had some fun with Houston’s young squad on Friday night when, after a highlight Kenyon Martin Jr. dunk and defeaning scream, Lopez mocked Martin Jr., pretending to be scared by the young Rocket’s feat of athleticism as the Bucks put the game away over Houston.

First, Lopez held his hands up like the little kid in a scary story, feigning fright as Martin got super fired up about his dunk.

The Bucks’ social media team got in on the fun, building up Lopez’s fake fright into a meme — and at the same time basically making fun of how aggressive Martin got on his dunk.

Milwaukee went on to beat Houston, 141-133. It’s safe to assume Lopez was not at all worried about anything Martin Jr. — who scored a relatively inefficient 26 points — did on Friday. On the other side, Lopez was the Bucks’ leading scorer with 24 points, so he was obviously feeling himself as well.

As a team, the Rockets turned the ball over 16 times and shot just 67 percent from the free-throw line. The loss in Milwaukee was the fourth straight by the tanking Rockets, though Martin has been a bright spot after being the 52nd overall pick in the 2020 draft.