C.J. McCollum Went On An Emotional Rollercoaster As The Browns Lost A Heartbreaker To The Saints

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Being a fan of the Cleveland Browns is arguably the worst fate one can have in all of sports fandom. Most are born into it, never given a chance to know happiness — the few that choose to be Browns fans on their own accord as adults deserve the pain they receive.

C.J. McCollum is among those cursed to love Northeast Ohio’s NFL team, and every Sunday the Blazers’ star shooting guard lives and dies with the Browns. McCollum lets us all follow along as he watches his beloved Browns flail about on the football field, live-tweeting most games during the NBA offseason.

Like most Browns fans, McCollum continues to get excited about close games, despite knowing that pain is right around the horizon waiting for the perfect moment to strike. A week after one of the most incredible ties in NFL history, in which the Browns forced six turnovers and still managed to not win with a game-winning field goal attempt getting blocked, Cleveland headed to New Orleans for more heartbreak.

The defense once again showed up in a big way, holding New Orleans to 21 points — two touchdowns and two field goals — and led at the half 6-3. McCollum was, like most Browns fans, pretty pleased with that start.

Late in the game, Cleveland finally scored a touchdown, taking a commanding 12-3 lead, but a missed extra point from Zane Gonzalez (his second missed kick of the game) kept them from reaching a double-digit advantage. From there, New Orleans scored 15 unanswered points to take an 18-12 lead deep into the fourth quarter. Finally, Tyrod Taylor and the Browns’ passing attack woke up with an absolute dime on fourth down to Antonio Callaway to tie it at 18, pending an extra point.

Like every other Browns fans, McCollum was jubilant.

That joy was quickly turned to despair as Gonzalez missed another extra point, leaving the game tied.

The Saints proceeded to march deep into Browns territory and hit a field goal to take a 21-18 lead. McCollum had resigned to his fate.

The Browns managed to get back into Saints territory in swift fashion, but with eight seconds left, they had to put the game on Gonzalez’s right foot. Redemption time.

It didn’t go well, as the kick sailed well wide to the right to secure the loss.

Kyle Kuzma then showed up to make fun of McCollum, but found himself angering his new star teammate LeBron James as well as McCollum.

The lesson as always, and one Browns fans never learn no matter how many times we’re reminded, is that the Browns will ruin everything. Go Browns.