The Bills Have A ‘LeBron James’ Audible And LeBron Wants To Know What It Is

Every NFL team has its own language, where different words or phrases represent different plays or adjustments on the field. Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” call became such a big thing he named his production company after it, but every quarterback has his own keywords and phrases that let the rest of the offense know what play or blocking scheme they’re going to change to based on what he’s seeing from the defense.

On Sunday morning in London, the NFL Network’s mics picked up Josh Allen making an audible in the late second quarter, as the Bills were trying to drive down for their first points of the game. On a 2nd and 3, Allen barked out “LEBRON JAMES” to make an adjustment, with the resulting play being an incompletion after he got flushed to his right and just threw it away.

We don’t always get that crystal clear audio at the line of scrimmage, but Allen’s “LeBron James” call was unmistakeable and caught the ear of the King himself, who now is very curious as to what his name means to the Bills offense.

While I don’t have the All-22, the play the Bills ended up running featured two vertical routes and an out route to the bottom of a bunch formation, with an out-and-up move to the single side with the running back running to the flat from the middle after going through his pass pro. I don’t know if LeBron is an actual playcall for that play or just an audible letting the team know which of two playcalls they would go with or what, but for LeBron’s curiosity, that’s what ended up happening after his name got shouted out at the line.