Candace Parker Discusses Why ‘Legacy Is The Meaning Of Life’ In A New Adidas Ad

From the suburbs of Chicago to the University of Tennessee to the Los Angeles Sparks, WNBA legend Candace Parker has broken down preconceived notions about female athletes and Black women. In a new ad spot for adidas, Parker looks back on her life so far, her struggles, and her legacy.

Parker discusses growing up and being underestimated as an athlete as one of the only Black girls who would venture to the hardwood in her hometown of Naperville, Illinois. She explains how eye-opening it was to play in China and Russia as a pro hooper, and seeing the way people all across the world treat Black women. And she details why she hopes that her career — though hardly finished — can serve as inspiration for young Black girls like her daughter Lailaa.

“I believe the meaning of life is legacy,” Parker says. “So for me, it’s definitely my kid. It’s definitely just an energy. You either leave something, or you take something, and I’d rather take something.

“I hope there are certain things that come to mind when people think of me when I’m no longer here or no longer a part of the game of basketball or no longer on Earth. … If you don’t have a legacy, what are you doing?”