Caron Butler’s Top 5 Ways To Impress Your Girl For Valentine’s

02.11.11 8 years ago 11 Comments

Last year, I had the privilege to spend the day at Caron Butler‘s house outside of D.C. for a photo shoot. And if you’ve never had the chance to kick it with Tuff Juice, you’re missing out. For example, when we were in his home theater, his favorite movie, Father of the Bride, was playing in the background – showing you a friendlier side than you see on the court. So with Valentine’s Day going down this Monday, Caron put together a list of the top five ways to impress your girl. Good luck!

1. Take Her To The Spa
It is a relaxing way to enjoy the day together, and you know she’ll love it.

2. A Romantic Dinner
You probably should have reservations at a restaurant by now. If you don’t, then think about staying in and cooking for her. She’ll be impressed.

3. Roses
Do not mess that up. A must on Valentine’s Day.

4. Jewelry
All women love jewelry. Need I say more?

5. Take her to a play
It will show your sensitive side and is sure to score you some points.

Bonus: Romantic getaway
Instead of going home that evening, take her to spend the night at a bed and breakfast or hotel.

Note: Caron met his wife Andrea, whom he proposed to after one year of dating, at their alma mater University of Connecticut. He credits open communication and honesty for the success of their marriage.

What do you think? What are your plans this Monday?

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