The Cavs Have A New Trade Target After Jimmy Butler And Paul George Talks Fell Through

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The Cavaliers’ offseason went from promising to disappointing at an alarming rate. After allowing David Griffin to begin trade talks to bring in another star like Paul George and Jimmy Butler, Griffin was let go as the Cavs’ GM in a “mutual parting of ways.” Since then, trade talks with the Pacers and Bulls have fallen apart.

The reason those conversations have fallen apart is the Cavs’ inability to find anyone that wants to give up any young assets worthy of a star for Kevin Love. However, with LeBron James’ free agency looming in 2018, the Cavaliers understand that they still need to figure out some way to upgrade the roster and give themselves a chance to compete with the Warriors next season.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Cavs are now targeting Spurs veteran sharpshooter Danny Green for a reunion with LeBron, but that the Spurs are still asking too much.

Green and James were teammates early in LeBron’s Cavs career and always appeared to be good friends, dancing on the end of the bench, and so bringing Green back in would likely be something James would support. The question is what the Cavs possibly could offer San Antonio for Green, who it’s been previously reported that they’re open to finding deals for Green, LaMarcus Aldridge, and others as they look to retool for next year in free agency.

Cleveland’s lack of assets kept them from landing George or Butler, and while Green won’t cost as much, it remains to be seen what the Cavs can cobble together to get Green back to The Land.