Charles Barkley Told Draymond Green To Come To Work Cause He’s ‘Got Nothing Else To Do’ After Green Roasted Kenny On Twitter

The Inside the NBA crew has been in rare form this weekend, as being a week into the playoffs and having to be on every night for games has led to the fellas getting extra loose on air.

Charles Barkley and Shaq have gotten in yelling matches, Kenny Smith has gotten beaten to the board twice after proclaiming he wouldn’t lose in the playoffs, and Chuck nearly had to face the wrath of the Beyhive after making fun of Galveston, Texas. On Monday night, the guys were back again and this time Kenny was feeling the heat of the lights, and their other “colleague,” Draymond Green, decided to roast Smith on Twitter — calling him Kenny Boozer in reference to the legendary pic of Carlos Boozer with sprayed on hair.

Naturally, they threw that up on the broadcast and the fellas got a good laugh about it until Chuck realized Draymond supposedly works for TNT, telling Green to get his ass to the studio cause he’s “got nothing better to do” with the Warriors not in the playoffs.

Chuck does have a point, Draymond certainly has some free time and could make his way to Atlanta to join the desk — especially on a night like Saturday when Kenny was out and Vince Carter filled in. Chuck feels like if Draymond wants to get in on the jokes, he needs to show up to work, and he certainly has a fair point.