Charles Barkley Is A ‘Clean Fanatic’ And Will Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night To Vacuum

05.08.17 10 months ago 4 Comments

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We’ve gotten to know a lot about Charles Barkley and his personality over the years from his time as an NBA player to his current role as an NBA analyst and television personality on TNT. However, there are still some nuggets to be uncovered about the Chuckster, and Wizards coach Scott Brooks knows many of them.

Brooks lived with Barkley at the beginning of his career in Philadelphia with the Sixers, and he recounted his memories of those times to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post recently, with Barkley confirming those stories separately. The two became unlikely roommates after Brooks was trying to find an apartment during camp, and Barkley overheard him and didn’t want him to get locked into a lease if he might not make the team.

For whatever reason, Barkley, who had never done that before with a young player, liked Brooks and invited him to live in his house at least until he was certain he wouldn’t be released.

So, Barkley and Brooks became roommates and Brooks noticed a strange quirk about Chuck early on in his time living with him.

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