Charles Barkley Makes NFL Studio Shows Fun Again With His Las Vegas Raiders Rant

To get a really good feel for Charles Barkley’s discontent with the NFL and the game of football as a whole, we must take a trip back to a 2014 episode of Conan.

“I played ball one day in my life,” the NBA legend told Conan O’Brien, “and then I realized they were a bunch of damn idiots. They’re just finding out 30 years later you gonna have head issues and body issues; I knew after one day I don’t want to do this every day.”

Harsh words, sure, but that has still never stopped the Round Mound of Rebound from appearing on The NFL Today to share his thoughts on the day’s games with a bunch of damn idiots. Hey, his words.

Barkley visited CBS’s football team ahead of Sunday’s Week 6 action, and it’s safe to say that he’s probably not Roger Goodell’s favorite guest analyst. As if mocking players over the ongoing concussion controversy wasn’t enough, Barkley is now taking on another red hot issue: stadium spending. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is expected to sign a bill that will provide $750 million in hotel tax money toward a new stadium for the Raiders, and that’s just a portion of the overall funding. The deal is still a long way from done (even if Goodell says, “We can do it in Oakland”), but Barkley thinks the whole thing is stupid.

“It always amazes me how these cities come up with money. They don’t have money for poor people, but any time they need a new stadium they come up with money. They should stay in Oakland, not even get a new stadium. They don’t have any money in Oakland. They should play where the 49ers play in Santa Clara.”

Barkley’s mini-rant was met with an astonished “Wow!” before Bill Cowher changed the subject faster than Brandin Cooks could humiliate an entire defense. Needless to say, some fans weren’t impressed with Chuck’s passion.

But it might be fragile Cowboys QB Tony Romo who is the most upset over Barkley’s NFL analysis this week…