‘Inside The NBA’ Dumped Kale On Chuck’s Head And Shaq Tried To Make Him Eat It

On Sunday night’s TNT doubleheader, Charles Barkley and Shaq managed to go off the rails during a halftime discussion of the Thunder and Pelicans Game 1 when Shaq had a little issue with his chair, prompting Chuck to come at him for being a “fat ass.”

That was followed by the typical back-and-forth between the two, but also included the crew poking some fun at Barkley being on Mounjaro — which he gleefully explained to Kenny Smith “it’s a drug!” — to aid in his weight loss. Kenny and Shaq then prodded him to lose weight the old fashioned way by eating healthy and running.

On Monday night, prior to Game 2 between the Sixers and Knicks, the TNT crew had not forgotten that moment and set Chuck up during his pregame “GUARANTEE!”, dumping a bunch of kale on his head.

A year ago, they had Barkley shook by constantly dropping ping pong balls (and other things) on him, and this year they’re upping the ante with greens. Shaq then decided to try forcefeeding the Chuckster kale, which led to a scene that looked like when you try to force your dog to take a pill, with Barkley shaking his head side to side while Shaq tried to get him to eat his greens.