The Internet’s Reactions To Charles Oakley Getting Arrested At A Knicks Game Were Pretty Amazing

Charles Oakley was arrested for yelling at James Dolan at Madison Square Garden during a New York Knicks game on Wednesday. It was also an ESPN broadcast, which means most of the basketball-watching world saw it unfold live on television while Kristaps Porzingis was at the free throw line.

The internet treated this story as it should: making a bunch of jokes about how terrible the Knicks are. Let’s start with the standard Wikipedia edit. It changed a number of times throughout the night, but I think this one was the best.

Some smartly pointed out how quickly the Knicks released a statement about the confrontation that said Oakley needed “help” but couldn’t locate its own player a few weeks ago.

Others added a bit of context to the scuffle. There’s a bit of history with Dolan and Oak at this point.

Most people simply said they wanted no part in telling Oakley what to do when he’s angry.

Even in his 50s, Oakley is a fearsome force.

LeBron James also apparently falls on the #TeamOak and/or #FreeOak side of things.

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In fact, it looks like Phil Jackson had a tough time of getting him to relax. Get that man a drink.

It was also a chance to make fun of Jackson and the drama surrounding Carmelo Anthony, who is definitely maybe on the trade block and has dozens of teams willing to acquire him. Or something.

God, the Knicks are such a mess right now that Oakley is probably the fifth biggest problem they have at the moment. He just happens to be the one they could fix with a pair of handcuffs, I guess.