Chris Webber Made The Mistake Of Comparing College Athletics To Slavery


TMZ sports caught up with five-time NBA All Star Chris Webber (and Tamika Catchings) at LAX recently, where they asked him about Northwestern football players’ attempt to unionize being rejected by the National Labor Relations Board.

Webber responded by quoting the great Bill Russell, but probably in the absolute worst way possible:

“Bill Russell told me any system that gives free labor is slavery, so I’m sure they have the right to unionize. I’ll be interested in following college kids.”

Look, it’s obvious that Webber was in no way prepared to make a statement on the topic before he was found by TMZ and asked his opinion. He didn’t exactly have a chance to think about what he was trying to say and articulate it in a thoughtful way.

Nevertheless, yeah, Chris Webber (or anyone, really), don’t compare playing college sports to slavery. It’s just really not a good analogy.

(Via TMZ)