These Are Five Teams To Watch As Potential Cinderellas In The 2018 NCAA Tournament

03.11.18 1 year ago

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The best part of the NCAA Tournament every single year are the one or two teams that surprise everyone and make it to the second weekend. These squads, usually double-digit seeds from lower conferences who knock off at least one blue blood program, always captivate hoops fans with a run to the Sweet 16 and beyond.

This year, the prevailing narrative around college hoops has been that there are no truly elite teams. Whether or not that is true, it does mean that the door is open for some potential Cinderellas to emerge and make a run, much to the chagrin of teams with low numbers next to their names.

Which teams are in the best position to get the job done this year? We looked at the double-digit seeds and tried to find out.

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