A College Hoops Coach Went Through An Imaginary Handshake Line After An In-Game Fight Broke Out

Usually, handshake lines are a pretty good thing. They’re a way for coaches and players to remember the importance of sportsmanship after an athletic contest – you go from trying to throttle an opponent over the course of a game to remembering at the end of the day, you’re all human beings.

But this is one of those instances where one coach realized that doing a handshake line was probably not a great idea and decided to bail. Siena and Rider played one another on Wednesday night in a game that featured tensions flaring up. During a scrum, a Rider player actually threw a punch that hit a Siena player in the face.

In fact, things got so tense that the team’s coaches got into it with one another while their players were getting heated.

The best part came once the game ended. Instead of doing the sportsmanlike thing and shaking hands to show no hard feelings, Rider just straight up left the court and left Siena hanging. In retrospect, this was probably the right move, even if it was unsportsmanlike.

So Siena’s coach did what anyone would do: he walked through the handshake line and shook the invisible hands of Rider’s invisible coaches and players. It was a fantastic moment, as he showed that he’s not going to let opponents leaving the court get in the way of good sportsmanship. We could all learn something from him, especially Siena’s fans.

Follow your coach’s lead, y’all.