A College Hoops Coach Went Through An Imaginary Handshake Line After An In-Game Fight Broke Out

Associate Editor

Usually, handshake lines are a pretty good thing. They’re a way for coaches and players to remember the importance of sportsmanship after an athletic contest – you go from trying to throttle an opponent over the course of a game to remembering at the end of the day, you’re all human beings.

But this is one of those instances where one coach realized that doing a handshake line was probably not a great idea and decided to bail. Siena and Rider played one another on Wednesday night in a game that featured tensions flaring up. During a scrum, a Rider player actually threw a punch that hit a Siena player in the face.

In fact, things got so tense that the team’s coaches got into it with one another while their players were getting heated.

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