Watch Dad Ruin Daughter’s Life With This Miracle Shot

Kids spend a lot of their parent’s money. It’s something all parents understand and take into account when they’re talking about having kids. But what if those same parents got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to close their kid’s piggy bank before the requisite 18th birthday or college graduation ceremony? One Australian Dad hit a shot that could ruin his daughter’s life while simultaneously opening up a second retirement fund.

By way of BroBible, comes this stirring example of a Dad who might as well have won the lottery.

The daughter in question, who seems to be shooting the below footage, opens up the video by stating: “If this goes in, I will not make you pay one dollar for anything I want.”

Regardless of the ramifications, the Dad is pretty resigned to the fact he’s going to miss. Except —

Not sure we’d flip the daughter the double-bird like this mensch does, but it’s still an incredible moment for Dad’s everywhere and a nightmare for every teenage daughter and son.

When Al Michaels rhetorically asks during ABC promos, “Do you believe in miracles,” one Dad in Australia can now unironically answer in the affirmative.

(video via Tim Bower; H/T BroBible)

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