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06.16.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

So now that we’ve crowned an NBA champion, it’s time to party.

We’re keeping a live diary of the victory parade, which begins in a couple minutes here. Stick around if you can, and let us know what you think if you can watch this madness on NBA TV.

Dirk’s excited tweeting this just minutes before the 11 a.m. ET celebration: “Can u say PARADE? Unbelievable. Its gonna be a blast. See u guys there. Mav nation on the move. Thx so much. #epic”

(11:05): And like the Joker, “Here … we … go.” Nancy Lieberman, working for Fox Sports, says fans lined up at 5 a.m. for this shindig. Intense.

(11:08): Nancy says it’s 94 degrees and that “nobody cares. Nobody minds that whatsoever.” Bets on Gatorade or Powerade sponsoring the event? For everyone’s safety, let’s hope so.

(11:12): We at the Dime office believe that these announcers are biased, proclaiming the Mavs Dancers to be the best in all of basketball. If that’s so, isn’t that duo with the Dallas Cowboys cheer squad like LeBron and Wade teaming up in South Beach? Hypocrisy!

(11:18): Appropriate music outside American Airlines Center is DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” Fair enough, Dallas. But isn’t he a Miami-based artist? (Sorry, have to call out the little things).

(11:24): Commercial break. I just want to point out how big of a deal this is for a franchise that hasn’t won before. Growing up in Phoenix, I remember the Suns having a parade after losing the NBA Finals to Michael Jordan and the Bulls. On the other side of things, a Lakers or Spurs parade is just, “meh.” Cherish this while you can, Mavs fans.

(11:28): Mark Cuban still doesn’t announce plans for championship rings, belts, bracelets or otherwise. J.J. Barea and Shawn Marion don’t want to have anything to do with this poor Fox Sports announcer. Meanwhile, Ian Mahinmi and Roddy Beaubois enjoying themselves. Beaubois with a thick victory cigar in his teeth.

(11:32): Dirk, J-Kidd and JET Terry are sharing the boss float. Of course Terry has to flex his right bicep. How cool would your reputation as a tattoo artist be if you inked JET? And think of how tense the tattoo artist must have been watching the Finals with the risk of their minute of fame being wiped clean had the Mavericks lost.

(11:34): I just noticed that Roddy and Ian are stuck in the back of a dump truck, it’s not even a float. Is Cuban boys with Dallas’ sanitation kingpins?

(11:39): Dirk throwing water on the crowd (and a cop) like this is Bonnaroo. And the Fox crew finds a fan who gets a Larry O’Brien Trophy on his forearm. Dallas’ tattoo industry booming thanks to JET?

(11:45): Nancy poorly describes Jason Kidd’s career; asks how many times a player is drafted, leaves and then comes back with the necessary skills to win a title. Yes, Nancy, because the Mavericks shipped him off the Phoenix and New Jersey so he could come back ready. It was all planned out.

(11:48): By the way, what are the logistics in putting together a championship parade in (I’m guessing) less than a week?

(11:52): Ronald McDonald in the crowd, looks like he’s put on some weight #toomanybigmacs. FS Mavericks analysts scrapping for things to talk about. They’re praising Mavs fans for being respectable, happy. Because championship parades should include angry riots. Right.

(11:58): I wonder what the total number of floats/dump trucks comes out to. Off the top of my head, it’s three Mustangs with Cuban and some owners, Genghis Grill sponsored cheer squad float, Dirk’s float, Marion and Barea’s truck, Ian and Roddy’s truck, and I think I see Peja Stojakovic and The Custodian in the back. Eight?

(12:04): Roddy has a nice fist-pumping technique. Must have been practicing on the bench during this postseason. He’d like to thank Jersey Shore and Ke$ha.

(12:08): No doubt that former Dallas owner Don Carter was the one who named the Mavericks.

(12:09): For as serious and professional as Dirk was throughout the Finals, he’s letting it all out right now. Looks like he hasn’t slept since Saturday night, but genuinely glad to be there for the fans.

(12:20): Donnie Nelson getting interviewed and looking exactly like a younger version of his dad. And Brian Cardinal is pretty confused about being on a basketball team, thought he was a season ticket holder. The Custodian says he thought he was sitting in his courtside seat when he drew the charge on Dwyane Wade.

(12:28): The podium and rally is now on. Dirk looks like he’s getting a little cooked in the sun, but he’s going to lead “We Are The Champions.”

I can’t even describe this in words; a cappella, German accent and all. OK, they have the music now. This sounds a little better.

(12:33): The voice of the Mavs is being interviewed by Fox Sports. Radio voices creep me out when their radio voice is actually their regular voice. Is there a soul in there?

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