Best of NBA Twitter: Damian Lillard Makes A Portland Trail Blazers Fan Very Happy

Damian Lillard was the unanimous Rookie of the Year in 2013, but he hasn’t let the fame and success on an NBA hardwood go to his head. One Portland Trail Blazers fan, Siros Aredestani, met Dame last night, but wasn’t able to get a picture with the Portland point as he was shopping. What happened next is proof that Lillard is a true gentleman, even as a precocious NBA star.

Most NBA players get stopped and asked to pose for pics all the time. It’s what happens when you’re both extremely tall, and not wearing a mask or a helmet while you entertain for the masses. One of the best parts of being an NBA fan (out of millions), is that we get to see the faces of our favorite players. But the loss of anonymity can have some less-than desirable affects for the players themselves as they’re bombarded by fans and groupies who can instantly pick them out of a crowd, and can sometimes become dangerously aggressive in their pursuit.

Some younger players have a hard time adapting to this new-found celebrity. But every once in a while, there comes along a guy so gracious and comfortable with himself, the adulation isn’t a bother. Combine that with an understanding fan, and you’ve got this feel-good Twitter story from last night.

On Wednesday night, Damian Lillard sent a tweet about how awful he felt after telling a fan he couldn’t take a picture while he was shopping.


The fan in question tweeted back that he totally understood.


But Damian had told him to wait, and promised they’d hook up.