David Kahn, NBA Draft Superstar; Minnesota Making Trade Offers To Everyone

Is there ever a June superstar celebrity who’s bigger than David Kahn? Seriously, ever since Minnesota brought him in before the 2009 NBA Draft, Kahn has become a one-man show. A human catch phrase around this time. And now this year, we get the ultimate treat: knowing Kahn and his assortment of basketball scientists will be dictating the entire draft from the second spot. The Wolves are the most active team in the field, looking to trade down, out, half the team. Apparently, they want a star for the second pick. Good luck with that. Indiana and Washington won’t even give them Hibbert or McGee … It’s not just the draft either. The arrival of Ricky Rubio has everyone buzzing. Minnesota feels warmer at least for a day. The Spanish Wizard got so hyped that he went into the gym almost immediately after arriving from Europe. Here’s a first look at Rubio in his new uniform. While Kahn is smitten with his new toy, don’t be surprised if you start hearing rumors out of Minnesota that the Wolves are considering bringing Troy Hudson out of retirement for more lead guard insurance … That Pau Gasol to Minnesota for Kevin Love and the No. 2 pick rumor? It sounds like it’s already dead. Instead, it’s now Andrew Bynum for the pick. No clue why Kahn would even ask for The Big Elbow. Jim Buss isn’t trading his project for anyone other than Dwight Howard … Speaking of Howard, if there was ever a perfect opportunity to keep the big man around, this is it: go get his longtime friend, Josh Smith. When you have a chance to bring in one of your franchise player’s best friends, especially when that guy is available and can actually play, you don’t even hesitate. No questions asked. Orlando doesn’t have many attractive pieces, but you get creative … Another rumor making the rounds is Raymond Felton and the final year of his contract moving to Sacramento for the No. 7 pick. The Kings are among a host of teams looking to grab Felton (Kahn?). His contract is affordable, he can run a team and he actually cares. There are about 25 teams that could use someone like that. The Kings are definitely one of them … Also keep an eye on rumors about the Spurs moving Tony Parker to get into the top 10 (Raptors & Kings) … Pat Riley is saying he has no interest to come back to the bench, and Erik Spoelstra will continue to coach Miami. That’ll never shut anyone up though; as long as Riley is there, his shadow is everywhere … Is Stan Van Gundy secretly in love with LeBron and Miami? He never seems to shut up about them … Before you know it, if the New York media doesn’t stop making up Steve Nash-to-NYC rumors, Nash will have to put out a restraining order. The best part about this whole thing is they can just head down to SoHo and ask the man himself and he’ll tell it: he doesn’t really plan on leaving Phoenix full-time right now … And you thought we were done after comparing players with booze. Yesterday, we brought back Seinfeld to give us the ultimate take on the draft, and then called Kyle Singler a Toyota Camry. We could just call him a scrub instead … If you haven’t checked out Dime’s NBA Draft Diary with Isaiah Thomas, you need to. His latest entry also has the official trailer for the documentary of his journey to the NBA. It looks dope … And Xavier Silas checked back in with us yesterday with some more dope fashion tips to put you on game … We’re out like a June without Kahn.

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