David Robinson Admits He Loved Playing With Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman‘s tenure with the Spurs in the mid-90s was a brief but memorable one, enough to leave quite an impression on his Hall-of-Fame teammate David Robinson. When Rodman first arrived in San Antonio in 1993, he was just starting to experiment with his colorful public persona by dyeing his hair, hobnobbing with other celebrities, and other unconventional behavior.

This didn’t exactly jibe well with the Spurs’ culture or Robinson’s own personal sensibilities, yet Robinson still maintains to this day that he was quite fond of Rodman as a teammate, in no small measure because Rodman was such an amazing athlete as well as someone you want to go into battle with.

Here’s’ more of what the Spurs legend had to say about his experience with The Worm on a recent episode of Undeniable with Joe Buck.


“I loved having him next to me on the court because you just felt like you have a warrior with you,” Robinson said. “So on the court, he’s a great guy to have next to you. In the locker-room, it’s a little different story. But you know, he marches to the beat of his own drum.”

Rodman has become rather notorious in recent years for his ongoing and misguided attempts at repairing diplomatic relations with North Korea as well as his baffling bromance with dictator Kim Jong-Un, which clearly hasn’t accomplished much given our current state of affairs with that nation.

Nevertheless, Rodman remains an enigma to many and a paradoxical figure to those who have shared the court and the locker-room with him.