DeMar DeRozan Lost It And Threw A Ball At A Ref During A Drew League Game

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NBA players tend to be disproportionately competitive. One of our favorite things every summer is watching them show absolutely no mercy to the little kids attending the various basketball camps they host. But some of them also like to participate in some of the country’s premier pro-am leagues during the off-season, and with the way they dominate lesser opponents in those settings, they might as well be playing against children.

Yet every now and then some unknown guy will become a viral sensation by breaking an NBA star’s ankles or putting him on a poster. And every now and then a team comprised of multiple NBA stars will – gasp – lose a game. That’s what happened Sunday when DeMar DeRozan and Nick Young’s squad M.H.P. dropped a close one to Home Town Favorites, 104-99.

The Raptors star grew increasingly agitated at the officials throughout the game and got up in their faces on multiple occasions, but toward the end of it, with the game out of hand, he totally lost his cool and threw a bullet pass at one of the refs standing on the sideline.

DeRozan kept jawing at him after the play and continued to do so after the final buzzer as he made his way to the locker-room. He has a reason to be livid. His team is just 2-5 so far this season and is in second-to-last place in their division. The three-time All-Star must still be working through some pent-up aggression after a disappointing end to the NBA season at the hands of the Cavs.