DeMar DeRozan Is The Latest Shooting Guard To Take A Massive Step Forward

01.03.18 4 months ago

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DeMar DeRozan jumped into some strata with which he was previously unfamiliar when he dropped 52 on the not-there-yet Bucks on Monday. On the whole, he’s the driving force behind a Raptor offense that hasn’t seemed to miss a beat this season.

Crucially for Toronto, it isn’t just three-pointers with DeMar, though he’s nearly doubled his attempts and five threes on Monday put him at a solid-enough 35 percent on the year from long range.

The 28-year old has turned into an all-around possession force for his Raptors, developing into a potent threat as a passer and all-around progress-encourager with his movement and also butt, one he uses to set screens and inhibit defensive confidence with.

But DeMar’s not the first player at his position to make a leap so startling.

Dwyane Wade might be the most recent, prominent, hire. Flip your phone up and film:

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