DeMarcus Cousins Is Giving Thanksgiving Meals To Needy Families In Sacramento

DeMarcus Cousins may have a bit of a reputation as a hothead on the court, but as soon as he gets off, it he is one of the sweetest souls in the NBA. Around Sacramento, his charitable efforts are the stuff of legend, as he’s known to pop up to pay for funerals, buy cars for needy families, take hundreds of kids Christmas shopping, purchase state of the art scoreboards for local schools, put on free basketball camps every summer, and all sorts anonymous donations. Simply put, Boogie’s presence is felt in a positive way Sacramento.

So it’s no surprise to see him back at it again, this time returning to the Del Paso Heights neighborhood where last year he paid the funeral expenses for 17-year-old Jaulon Clavo, a slain high school football player in the area, to give to the community yet again. Cousins provided Thanksgiving meals for 300 families at the Robertson Community Center, just over a mile away where Clavo was killed, and even took some time to play some ball with the youngsters in attendance.

It’s just another example of Cousins immersing himself into the community in Sacramento and giving back every chance he gets. Oh, and for those who couldn’t make it to the event, Boogie also made some house calls. And pet some dogs, of course.

While Boogie has a bit of a reputation, he’s shown time and time again how much he loves the community.