Swag Daddy DeMarre Carroll Is Now The Leader For Outfit Of The Year

DeMarre Carroll’s tenure with the Toronto Raptors has been marred by injuries to some extent, but that has not diminished the veteran forward’s swagger in the slightest. Earlier this week, Carroll fired off a Tweet that included a reference to the (beautiful) Audi R8 that he was driving but the bigger takeaway was that the former Atlanta Hawk was dressed in what can only be described as a unique way.

Carroll’s multi-colored, bright ensemble brings memories of some of the gear that he regularly donned while operating as a member of a 60-win Hawks team, and J.E. Skeets of NBA TV’s The Starters favorably compared Carroll’s outfit choice to that of the regular clothing style of Russell Westbrook. We are left to our own devices in figuring out where exactly the 30-year-old forward was when he posted this picture on Tuesday, but considering the Raptors were in the middle of home games on Monday (Cleveland) and Thursday (Minnesota), it is a safe bet that Carroll was within the friendly confines of Toronto.

At this (early) point in the 2016-2017 season, Carroll’s ensemble in this photo might be the leader for outfit of the year in the NBA and that is a very high bar. On the court, he is also playing improved basketball and that is helpful to the Raptors, but the self-proclaimed Junkyard Dog is really bringing it off the court and he should be praised for his efforts.