Dennis Smith Jr. Had A Funny Reaction To Woj Accidentally Including Him In A Trade Tweet

The Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets agreed to a point guard swap ahead of the trade deadline on Thursday, with Dennis Schroder and Thaddeus Young making their way to Brooklyn and Spencer Dinwiddie heading to Toronto. For a brief moment, it looked like Schroder wouldn’t be the only Dennis on the move, as Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweeted out that Dennis Smith Jr. would head to Toronto.

woj dsj

There was just one problem: Smith wasn’t actually getting traded. Woj, who is usually very quick to fix these sorts of mistakes and did so here, clarified that only one Dennis was on the move in this one.

It was a pretty funny moment, in part because the Raptors would probably love to have a guy as good on the defensive floor as the former top-10 pick who has turned himself into one of the best man-to-man defenders in all of basketball. What made it even funnier: Smith, like all of us, saw this, and had a pretty great reaction to briefly thinking he was going to move north of the border.

Instead, Smith will get to chill out at home without having to worry too much (for now) about moving, which makes all of this a moment that everyone can laugh at.