No One Seems To Know Why Derrick Rose Missed Monday’s Game Against New Orleans (UPDATED)

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If you’re watching Monday night’s Knicks game, you probably noticed that New York is without the services of Derrick Rose. News of this came out earlier in the evening, and the team did not specify why their big-name point guard would be out on Monday.

As it turns out, the reason the Knicks did this was because they legitimately do not know why Rose didn’t show up for the game, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. Not only is the Knicks’ front office unaware of what’s happening, but apparently, those close to Rose don’t know what’s up, either.

Additionally, Wojnarowski and Ian Begley of ESPN reported that team couldn’t reach Rose before the game.

The scarier part may be that, unsurprisingly, no one knows if Rose is ok or not. According to Wojnarowski, Rose was unhappy with the organization, but there’s nothing to prove or disprove that this led to his absence.

This is easily one of the weirdest stories of the year. It’s possible that Rose is angry that the team benched him down the stretch during last week’s game against Milwaukee, but it would be something else if that made him so mad that he just straight up decided that he wasn’t going to play in a game. We’ll let you know when there are more details available.

UPDATE: Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek spoke after the game. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to provide too many details as to what happened with Rose.

He did, however, specify that he thinks Rose will come back, and he did imply that he knows what went down and will let that come out later this evening.

Hornacek speaking didn’t make this story any clearer, but hopefully he’s right and we’ll know what went down sometime soon.

UPDATE 2: ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has more information on what happens to Rose. The team has reportedly gotten in touch with him, and one source told Shelburne that a family issue kept him from making tonight’s game.

There’s still nothing official regarding Rose’s absence from the team.