Derrick Rose Is Confident There’s Still Time For The Knicks To Make A Playoff Run

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The New York Knicks are a professional basketball team. It can be easy to forget this with the current circus at MSG and the lowly Knickerbockers being discussed like LeBron’s personal Amazon Prime, but we have it on good authority that the Knicks will make it to the playoffs. Why? Because Derrick Rose seems relatively confident about it.

“It’s reachable,” offered Rose on the playoff prospects of the Knicks. “We still have time to make a run.”

It’s not exactly a Broadway Joe or Mark Messier guarantee, but Rose isn’t too far off. New York’s stunk so far this season with a 23-33 record, crummy defense and the continued inability to alchemy a team to be whatever’s in Phil Jackson’s head. Still, the Knicks are also in the Eastern Conference where a crappy win-loss total puts you a reasonable three games back of the final playoff spot.

Said “playoff run” would probably be six games or under, but that’s improved conditions in modern Knickland. If only they could sign Charles Oakley for some much needed depth and badassery. They Knicks could certainly use it in a month where they still have OKC, Cleveland and Toronto on the schedule and four consecutive Ls chasing them.

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