Derrick Rose Won’t Be Rushed; DeShawn Stevenson Fires Back at Deron Williams; Jeremy Lin Gets Destroyed

10.11.12 7 years ago
In their last preseason win over Memphis, Kirk Hinrich morphed into a red-faced monster for a five or six minute span of the third quarter, and while he had the whole crowd in the Windy City on its feet, they have to know it’s not always going to be that easy in the CHI this year. Luckily for Bulls fans, Derrick Rose told ESPN Chicago he’s not only ahead of schedule, but also that he plans to come back when he’s ready to play as opposed to sitting out the season. Tim Hardaway hasn’t been the only one who’s expressed concern in the past over Rose coming back too soon, and yes, if you really want to be careful, it’s probably better if D-Rose doesn’t play at all this year. But you can never completely tell with these things – it all depends, oftentimes, on how someone can overcome them mentally once they retake the court. Do they play with the same reckless abandon, like Michael Jordan once did after his only major injury? Are they avoiding hits, like Gilbert Arenas once did in Washington? Are they unafraid, like the modern day Peyton Manning? … If it wasn’t for Holger Geschwindner, Dirk Nowitzki would’ve ended up with a beer belly. At least, that’s what the former MVP admitted to Spiegel Online International. Holger, you probably don’t know the name but you know the man – the less green version of Yoda who pushed Dirk to practice funky shots, and pushed him so hard that Nowitzki not only developed despite an admittedly lazy attitude but became one of the best international players ever – compared Dirk’s initial initiation to the NBA as something straight out of Jerry Maguire. If they were going to make a movie about Dirk’s career, and they really should, who gets to play the big German? … On his way to China, Tracy McGrady made sure to take a moment to thank not only the fans, but pretty much everyone who had something to do with his success in the NBA. Even if you think he didn’t always play hard, the dude is one of the all-time good guys in the league. So sad to see him go. He’ll probably never play here again, retiring without a single second round appearance. Here’s an incredible T-Mac in Toronto mix with a bunch of super rare footage. Thank us later … And there’s one overlooked aspect of Brooklyn’s season that really sucks: no more DeShawn Stevenson. Imagine that dude on “The Association?” You already have D-Will, you got Jay-Z, Beyonce. The NBA’s version of Riff Raff would’ve topped it off. Instead he’s in Atlanta, and is busy dissing Williams. Yep, Stevenson called out his former teammate on Twitter after Williams told ESPN The Mag that certain members of last year’s team didn’t take losing seriously: “I hate Fake Muthafuckers That Quit On team but talk shit in Espn Mag .” Shots fired … Keep reading to hear which rookie hit a game-winner …

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