Dime Exclusive: Breaking News, NBA Superstars Headed Overseas

We’ve started to hear credible rumblings of a big-time overseas tour for a group of elite NBA superstars, designed to fill the void left by the cancellation of the first two weeks of the season.

The details are a little fuzzy at this point, and none of this has been confirmed (we’ll leave that to the reporters who are sure to chase this story), but here’s what we’re hearing:

– A group of NBA stars will head overseas for a tour from the last week of October to mid-November.

– Names we’re hearing include Carmelo, LeBron, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul. But it sounds like the tour would include enough NBA players to put together two teams.

– The participating players will be paid to play.

– The tour will make multiple stops, including one stop in China.

That’s all we’ve got right now. If true, it sounds like a good thing all the way around. The players get to play and pick up some cash, fans around the world get to see NBA superstars in person, and the NBA gets its product exposed to more international fans. A win-win-win.

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