The Dime Podcast Ep. 10: The Memphis Grizzlies And The Fear Of The Unknown

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Hello, friends. It’s Thursday and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s a new episode of the Dime Podcast. This week Martin Rickman and I go solo, with no guest, as Martin drives across the country in an old Ford Bronco.

You’ll notice the smooth, soothing sound of the road beneath Martin’s BF Goodrich tires as he cruises across the great state of Oklahoma in the background. We discussed all manner of NBA topics, from the madness in Memphis, the difficulty in trading a high-priced big man in today’s NBA, Andre Drummond’s bounce-back season, the Cavs’ righting the ship and much more.

But first, we had to put our college football hats back on to breakdown the craziness that is the Tennessee coaching search and whether anything like this could happen in the NBA.

Here is the full rundown of this week’s discussion:

  • Martin breaks down how dang long a state Tennessee is to try and drive across
  • What’s happening with the Vols
  • Could anything like the Tennessee coaching search disaster happen in the NBA
  • Memphis’ issues and the firing of David Fizdale
  • Why it’s so short-sighted
  • Understanding why it’s so scary to try and rebuild in a small market
  • The difficulty with trading away Marc Gasol
  • The center renaissance in the NBA
  • Andre Drummond being awesome
  • The Cavs are back!
  • Why Martin is driving across the country

And much, much more!

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