Dime Q&A: Kyle O’Quinn On His Role With Orlando, KG & Full-Grown Beards

It is not easy for young players to adjust to the NBA, let alone endure seasons of losing and injuries that can derail all future plans. Yet, after two up-and-down seasons in Orlando, Kyle O’Quinn appears to have come into his own, both with his play on the court and voice off of it.

He isn’t the flashiest guy on the court. He won’t make you stand up from your seat and yell in disbelief, but O’Quinn has grown into a formidable big man in the Magic rotation who also serves as a prominent voice within the locker room.

Despite an ankle injury which sidelined him for 16 games earlier this season, the 24-year-old is averaging career highs across the board and is on pace to start more games than ever before. O’Quinn is also building his game, attempting to extend his range to the three-point line, which is a must in today’s NBA even for power forwards.

Between finding his place in the league and maintaining his impressive beard, O’Quinn carved out some time to speak with Dime about his role with the struggling Magic, appreciation for Kevin Garnett, favorite music and more.

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Dime: How difficult was it for you to get injured in the first game of the season, sit on the bench for the next 16 games of the season and then come back?
Kyle O’Quinn: It was tough because you work so hard in the summer time. Preseason went well for me but the first game, I stepped on someone’s ankle [and subsequently injured his own.] You knew it would be okay, but it was really tough. My ankle wasn’t reacting to the treatment. You have to go back to the drawing board.

Dime: Despite missing a good portion of November, you have returned strong and are averaging career highs across the board; what’s the biggest difference from this season to previous seasons?
KO: Now that I’ve been in the mix since the beginning with (Coach Jacque Vaughn], he holds me accountable for my role on the team, whether that is being a backup, being a starter, or the first or second big off the bench. You just have to fit your role. And you have to have a level of appreciation; you never know when you are going to be out with an injury.

Dime: Speaking of your role on the team, you’ve been in-and-out of the starting lineup this season. Do you feel you are ready to start for Orlando right now?
KO: I would never come out and say that I should start. It’s whatever the team needs. It depends on if the lineup works better and if the coach feels better about it. It doesn’t make a difference to me. Either way, the biggest thing I always tell guys is as long as I’m on the court somehow. The worst thing is having no role and being on the bench.