DK Metcalf Scored The First Points In The 2023 Celebrity Game With An Impressive Dunk

The Celebrity Game is usually filled with people who are not especially good at basketball trying to play basketball and looking pretty silly. When there is an exception to this, it’s usually because a professional athlete does a professional athlete thing — think of the years where Terrell Owens played in the game and was so clearly better than literally everyone else on the floor.

Owens isn’t playing in the game this time around, but there is a wide receiver who doubles as a freak of nature playing in the 2023 edition of the Celebrity Game. DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks usually makes fellow NFL players look like they can’t keep up with him, so as you can guess, this event lets him put on a show.

Metcalf managed to do that from the jump on Friday night. The Pro Bowl pass catcher got the ball in the open court and only had Diamond DeShields of the Dallas Wings standing between himself and the rim. DeShields made a business decision to get out of his way (which, to be clear, is 100 percent the correct move), which cleared the path for Metcalf to go up and throw down with authority.

Between this and beating The Miz for the opening tip, it was a good start to the game for Metcalf.