Draymond Green Kicked Someone During A Game For The Second Time In A Week

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12.04.16 8 Comments

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OOPS HE DID IT AGAIN 😳#legkick #warriors #draymondgreen

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Earlier this week, Draymond Green got in trouble for kicking James Harden during a basketball game. He tried to write it off by saying that, basically, he can’t control the way his body moves and something like this is natural. It seemed like a weak excuse at the time, and he didn’t do himself any favors on Saturday, when he kicked another opponent during a game.

The Warriors were in Phoenix, and during the third quarter, Green had the ball on the wing. Suns rookie Marquese Chriss was guarding him, Chriss committed a foul while trying to strip Green, and the whistle blew. Nothing crazy, this is something that happens during every game. But for some reason, Green’s foot went up in the air and he ended up kicking Chriss. He caught Chriss in the butt, and it also looks like he may have gotten Chriss’ hand, as the Suns rookie put his hands behind his back after the play and looked like he was holding his fingers in pain.

Make no mistake: this is not a natural motion. Human beings do not just do this with their legs unless they are trying to kick someone. It’s not “kinesiology” or whatever Green calls this, a play like this is a blatant attempt to kick someone else.

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