Dwyane Wade Wants Fans To Cheer For The Heat, Not Him, When He Returns To Miami

11.08.16 1 year ago

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On Thursday night, Dwyane Wade is returning to Miami for the first time as a Chicago Bulls player. It will very likely be a warm welcome, as Wade won three championships with the Heat before leaving as a free agent during the offseason. That’s not someone who gets booed when coming back after 13 seasons.

But just in case, Wade wants to make sure the fans in Miami shower their current team with love and don’t pay no mind to Dwyane Wade and his sudden departure.

Via ESPN’s Nick Friedell:

“If you’re not in this business, it’s hard to understand,” Wade said Monday, three nights before his first game against the Heat since his departure. “But I don’t even want them to understand — I want them to appreciate what we accomplished together. I want them to cheer for their team that they have, support those players over there that’s giving their all. Support the future of the organization and be thankful that we all was able to experience an unbelievable ride together. That’s all you can do.”

That’s nice, but my man, they weren’t going to root for you for four quarters. And don’t act like you don’t know they’re going to give you a standing ovation.

Wade is hopeful he will be cheered by many at American Airlines Arena, but he isn’t sure exactly how the reception will be.

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