Dwyane Wade Thinks The Warriors Can’t Embrace Being The NBA’s Biggest Villains

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11.07.16 7 Comments

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There aren’t many people who know what challenges the Golden State Warriors may face better than Dwyane Wade. The current star for the Chicago Bulls was, of course, a member of the Miami Heat team that combined himself with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, forming maybe the best superteam of all-time.

Wade also knows better than anyone that, sometimes, teams loaded with stars take some time to come together. The Heat struggled at first once they added James and Bosh – the squad went 9-8 over its first 17 games – and as Wade told Basketball Insiders, he wants Kevin Durant and the Warriors to know that they need to be patient if they want to be successful.

“It takes time,” he said with a chuckle. Recalling his experience with the HEAT, Wade knows that winning was about more than names on paper. “We had great players, but we had a lot of guys who already was used to something a certain way and it just took a little time.”

“Everybody wanted to beat us, so everybody was playing their tail off against us,” Wade recalled. “It took time for us to get to the game that we wanted to get to.”

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